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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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then a person on the sidewalk. >> at first one of the pedestrians does have life- threatening injuries. he is being evaluated for possible traumatic brain injury. he is unresponsive as well as in surgery right now so we're hoping he is going to pull through. >> reporter: both pedestrians and the motorcyclist taken to the hospital. the biker is being tested for drugs and alcohol and speed may have played a role. there are some reports that the motorcyclist may have been weaving in and out of traffic so police are encouraging any more witnesses to come forward. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. san francisco police are holding a person of interest after gunfire rang out on a pier killing a woman in the early evening wednesday on pier 14 near the ferry building. kpix 5's andria borba talked to a witness and police. reporter: hours later evidence markers still litter pier 14. at 6:30, a 31-year-old woman was walking on the pier with
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her family when she was shot once in the upper torso with lots of witnesses nearby. >> we didn't know what happened. then i walked over and then they were performing some type of thing like cpr on a lady and then they took her out on a stretcher. >> reporter: the victim originally from pleasanton was taken to san francisco general hospital where she died. an hour after the bayside shooting and a mile away at pier 40, sfpd took into custody what they are calling a person of interest in the case. with two crime scenes a mile apart, the embarcadero remains closed as detectives interviewed at least 20 people who saw it all and hunted for any scrap of evidence. >> embarcadero is a very, very busy street and it doesn't take much to look around and you can tell that there are video surveillance cameras all throughout. so once we gather all the information and we could see the video, we will be able to tell the story and find out
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exactly what happened. >> reporter: now, you may have noticed in our story that the witness interview was blurred. we did that at the request of the san francisco police department who fear for that witness' safety until they have a better handle on who may have been behind this murder. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. two people had to be treated for heat exhaustion after a vta light rail train broke down in hot temperatures at 1:30 yesterday on the blue line near the blossom hill station in san jose. a bus bridge took care of passengers until light rail service was restored around 8 p.m. vta says a problem with overhead cables caused the train to break down. well, good morning, everyone! >> yes. >> you know, i had a little bit hard time falling asleep yesterday because it was so muggy in the south bay. >> it's your friday, too, aren't you? >> i know. i'm doing a little dance. >> a little happy dance. >> it was in the 90s across the south bay yesterday except up to 102 degrees in morgan hill. east bay topped off at 105 in livermore then we had the
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higher dew points which led to higher humidity which led to thunder and even some lightning being reported and that's where we kick-start your thursday morning hi-def doppler radar. it's live! a lot of you what we are looking at is virga evaporates before it hits the land mass. so hot and dry. cloudy in san francisco in the 50s, 60s. it's now 76 degrees in livermore. 58 degrees in san francisco. here's how we are stacking up our numbers today. average high concord 86. today 90 down from the triple digits yesterday. mostly cloudy along the seashore into the 60s. 80s partly cloudy peninsula. 91 degrees in morgan hill. temperatures up to 93 east of the bay. north bay numbers mostly cloudy skies into the 80s. the full forecast at 18 minutes after the hour. checking the roads it's been very light so far this morning. no delays to report on the east shore freeway westbound towards the bay bridge. everything clears at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights. it's a nice ride into san
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francisco. all your approaches right now to the bay bridge are free- flowing no delays right now. our only hot spot is altamont pass. 17 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. some delays out of tracy. once you hit 680 traffic is cruising in both directions. mass transit looking good. bart 37 trains on time. no delays for ferries, caltrain, ace looking good. electricity rates would go up for most californians on a plan just disclosed last night and the public utilities commission is scheduled to vote on it tomorrow. kiet do is live in cupertino to explain how much customers' bills could increase. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: good morning. this new proposal is essentially a bunch of surcharges an across-the-board rate increase for practically everybody in california and it's being criticized as all stick and no carrot. here's what's being proposed. low income customers will see a minimum surcharge of $5 a month. if you're not low income that
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surcharge is $10 a month. for so-called high usage customers, they face an unspecified super user electric surcharge. this plan was put forward by two administrative law judges. the 383-page plan was released wednesday for a vote on friday. critics immediately blasted it. the sierra club said, quote, it's hard to view this moving as anything other than yet another gift to the utilities when nobody is watching. the puc continues to take orders from the utilities at the expense of the public. the sierra club is calling or the puc to approve a plan by its own commissioner. they vote on this tomorrow. back to you. >> kiet, do you know about what percentage of power customers this would affect? >> yes. so, um, most of us, 80 percent of us, are classified as not low income since we fall into the $10 surcharge a month category this affects a lot of people. we're live in cupertino. kiet do, kpix 5. oakland's popular lake
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tamescal will be closed to swimmer through the july 4th weekend because of toxic algae on the lake. last summer the lake was closed for more than two months because of that big algae bloom there. east bay regional park district says it will begin treating the water next week. the rest of the park though is still open for hiking but the district urges dog owners to keep their pets away from any of its lakes because algae can be fatal to dogs. the water board in contra costa county is weighing an expansion of a key reservoir. the idea is to enlarge it from 160,000-acre feet to 225,000. and make it more of a regional resource. the u.s. bureau of reclamation has already done an environmental impact study. now the water board is discussing going forward with a feasibility study which is on hold so far because of lack of funding. government suspects collusion may be causing a scarcity of airline seats and rising prices. as hannah daniels reports, the justice department is
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investigating whether major airlines are working together to limit the number of seats available. reporter: consumer groups and lawmakers have been calling for an investigation into whether airlines boost prices by limiting seats. >> i want them to look at the whole nine yards. they should certainly look at if they are limiting capacity, which is what they have said. but they should also look at price competition. why aren't they competing in price? >> reporter: the justice department confirms it's looking into possible unlawful coordination by some airlines. a series of bankruptcies and mergers beginning in 2008 cut the number of major airlines to 4. american, southwest, delta, and united. they now control 80% of the seats in domestic air travel. >> they have been making a lot of money. that's been coming out. and it's harder and harder to get seats. >> reporter: from 2009 to 2014, domestic airfares rose 13%.
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the justice department wants to know if the airlines illegally signaled to each other how quickly they would add new flights, routes and seats. airlines are posting some of their biggest profits in history including billions of dollars in baggage fees. hannah daniels, cbs news. this year could bring higher profits thanks to the big drop in the price of jet fuel. the feds want copies of all the communications between the airliners, their shareholders and investment analysts about their plans. today the united states asked switzerland to extradite 7 top soccer officials accused of corruption. the fifa executives were arrested in zurich in may following a major inquiry by the fbi including the fifa vice president in charge of north and central america. today authorities in zurich said those men will get an immediate hearing and then defense attorneys will have 14 days to respond. 5:08 on your thursday. millions of people are hitting the roads for the big july 4th weekend. why you may want to consider
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leaving a little earlier this year. >> and an a's fan is hit by a bat and refuses to come out of the game. the superstition that brought her back to her seat. >> here we go again! another change in your forecast. the details straight ahead. >> our hot spot right now in the east bay rest of the bay
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time check on this thursday, july 2, looking out at sfo with a bang of clouds there. no reports of any airport delays with the bank of clouds. the clouds and the impact it will have on your forecast, the full forecast 4 minutes away. new this morning, a shark bit a 68-year-old man off the coast of north carolina. witnesses say the 7-foot-long shark was swimming in waist deep water yesterday when he pulled the man under. the man has injuries to his rib cage lower leg hip and both hands. by the way this is the 7th attack in that area this year. a preliminary investigation suggests the pilot was partly at fault in the deadly crash of a passenger plane in taiwan. the pilot was among 43 people killed in the february accident. flight safety officials say colleagues described the pilot as nervous. the report says he mistakenly throttled down a still running
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engine following a glitch with the other engine. the aircraft was designed to fly on one engine if necessary. we have breaking news right now. this is a lockdown at washington, d.c. this is the naval yard there. investigations are under way and there are unconfirmed reports that active shooter in that area the same place where a gunman killed 12 people during a shooting repage in september 2013. police vehicles continue to investigate an active shooter unconfirmed reports right now. we'll stay on the story and bring you the latest as we continue to follow that story. the 4th of july weekend is expected to have the highest rate of travel in five years. aaa auto group says more than 4.8 million californians are expected to travel 50 miles or more from home this holiday
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weekend. that's about 3.8 million expected to drive slight increase from last year and air travel is going up, as well. if you are not going toful tra there are 4th of july activities across the bay area. for a list go to so far, so good not too bad as far as accidents. we had one minor snag in san jose. they cleared that out quickly. live look along the interchange cruising along out of the altamont pass. typical for a morning commute. westbound 580 between the altamont pass and 680. 20-minute drive now most of the delays out of tracy this morning. highway 4 through antioch westbound speeds dip a bit off the antioch bridge but past this portion everything is clear all the way into pittsburg no delays to the eastshore freeway. if you plan to take 242 towards
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680 traffic is good there this morning. westbound good to the caldecott tunnel into oakland toward the bay bridge. checking marin county 101 both directions no delays slight delays through petaluma typical for a morning drive. but right now the richmond/san rafael bridge very quiet not a lot of cars making their way through the bridge this morning. traffic is good through there. also, the golden gate bridge clear easy into san francisco out of marin county. drive time 14 minutes from 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. clear all the way as you head in that direction. elsewhere, 92, san mateo bridge, 14 minutes right now between 880 and 101. now, we have morning roadwork on the westbound side. that's been cleared. that's where most of our volume is now. eastbound okay. strength in numbers. good morning, everyone. time check for you now it is
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5:15. we have weather watcher with a variety of numbers in the 50s and 60s. light rain with tim woods. tim reported lightning after 4:40 this morning. thank you, tim, for that report. we had lightning in livermore. it's cloud to cloud lightning as opposed to cloud-to-ground lightning. cloud-to-ground lightning is extremely dangerous as far as wildfires are concern. but did you see the skylight up overnight? i actually heard the thunder after 5:00 yesterday in the pleasanton area. it's all associated with subtropical moisture that lifts from the south and wraps around towards the northwest. a little bit of light precipitation is noted according to our live hi-def doppler radar. right now at inverness off the coast. can't see the top of the transamerica period. so the ceiling is lower than
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1,000 feet. it's 76 in livermore after a high yesterday of 105 degrees. it will be cooler today albeit muggy. seasonal by the 4th of july. monsoonal moisture will keep a sprinkle in the forecast today. we'll keep a chance of a thunderstorm in the inland areas. but it's a slight chance but nevertheless we'll see some thunderstorms in the high sierra. your 4th of july forecast it will be dry, it will be mid-60s inland. much cooler than today at 101 in fresno. 86 degrees in the high sierra. 73 in monterey bay. our numbers from the low 60s with partial clearing at the coast to partly cloudy inland at 92 degrees. 93 degrees outside number in gilroy. there you have the seasonal forecast by the weekend all the way through wednesday. by the way we have a baseball game tonight. seattle mariners are in town, 67 degrees and go, a's! >> all right, thank you. [ laughter ]
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>> go a's! >> you got it. you got it. you don't miss a game, do you? >> i will tonight. but i'll be back there this weekend. >> all right. thanks, roberta. happening today, unique service at grace cathedral in san francisco to honor marriage equality. a prominent evangelical person will speak about how he changed his mind on same-sex relationships to become a supporter. the san francisco gay men's chorus will perform. it starts at 6 p.m. online shopping and paying for it with your face. that's mastercard's plan. the company is launching a new pilot program this fall. instead of using a password smartphone users can scan their face to approve the amount of their purchase. mastercard claims every smartphone company is on board. the next step is getting major banks to okay the payment process. there is an interesting trend among smartphone users and their morning routine. a bank of america study finds that 35% of people reach for
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their phones before thinking about their significant other. whereas only 10% of surveyed start their day by looking to their partner. oh-oh. >> it's brave new world, isn't it. it is 5:19. police are on the hunt for a bay area water thief. the major setback for that area during the drought. >> good morning, everybody. warriors fans, you are going to love to hear this. somebody on that team is getting paid. find out who in a moment. >> and what is cool about your school or your summer camp? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school or your summer camp on the show.
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if you are commuting into san francisco, easy drive. you can see traffic is up to speed. we'll look at mass transit coming up. oakland a's fan is doing okay after a pretty scary incidents during yesterday's game at the coliseum. >> afraid that a bat has hit a fan again. >> that's scary. the 4th inning a colorado player's bat snapped and the barrel went flying into the
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stands. it hit a woman in the stands in the forehead and you can see the victim just to the left of the woman in the green shirt there. she suffered a cut on her forehead that required 9 stitches. after getting stitched up, she said she wanted to stay for the rest of the game. which the a's won, 4-1. good morning, everybody. this came out last night. he tweeted it himself. i'm going, going, back, back to the bay. free agent draymond green is staying in a warriors uniform. green and the team agreed it a five-year $82 million deal last night. he earned 900,000 this championship season. he will earn over $14 million next season. by league rule the team could not comment and cannot until july 9. but draymond took to his smartphone down in los angeles and recorded this message for dub nation. >> fans of warriors is very,
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very important, very important thing for me to do, you have guys who are committed to each other and that won't change. i'm ecstatic to say that i'll be here for the next five years. >> how about a mouthful of a fastball? boom! off buster posey's mask. giants and marlins tied at 3 in the 6th. brandon crawford backs away, gone! giants up 4-3. it was 5-3 giants in the 9th inning. two on, and then big old justin boer said i'm going to make the marlin fans happy. it's a walkoff. game over. giants lost, final of 6-5. look at this guy. vendor works hard. get a foul ball. some love there. a's and rockies, bases loaded and billy butler found a hole. put the a's up 3-1. fast
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forward 7th inning. and this is the rockies's afternoon. a little i got it, i got it, and it just drops. the run scores. 17,655 saw the a's win the game, final of 4-1. that is sports at this hour. some of you i'll see at the alameda county fair about midday today. the rest of you, i will see you later on. right here. play of the day, major league baseball. mets, cubs. mets pitcher bobby parnell, it's not enough to make a great catch but watch this. et cetera going to dive and then he is going to -- he is going to dive and then he is going to get up and say i'll take two, thank you very much. a very impressive double play by mr. parnell. one more time with passion. the mets beat the cubs 2-0. but they got the play of the day. time is 5:25. still to come, federal investigators looking into
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possible price manipulation involving several major airlines. >> and parking frustration. a bay area city cracking down on fireworks crowds. why residents are pretty upset with this new plan. >> reporter: and motorcyclist plows into pedestrians in a busy san francisco intersection
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simply better. new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at person of interest in police custody after a shooting on a san francisco pier. what witnesses are say. >> some state officials want to raise your power bill by up to $10 a month. i'm kiet do with a live report on how some watchdog groups are
5:30 am
saying, not so fast. >> so our inland highs are tumbling out of triple digits. but now, there's a new weather feature that you need to know about. >> coming up the top traffic trouble spots including delays at the bay bridge. >> good morning, it's thursday, july 2. i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:30 on your thursday. breaking now authorities are investigating a reported shooting at a navy compoun -- at a navy compound in washington, d.c. it's a navy yard under lockdown and "shelter in place" order. the same yard was the scene of that mass shooting in september 2013. back then a dozen people were killed and 8 people were injured. then the gunman was killed by police. a pedestrian was hit by a motorcycle in san francisco and has life-threatening injuries. a second victim is in the hospital as well as a
5:31 am
motorcyclist. kpix 5's anne makovec is at third and market streets where the accident happened. >> reporter: good morning. the roadway has been cleared but the investigation continues. one of the pedestrians that was hit has very serious head injuries this morning. it's described as life- threatening. this was the scene right after this crash was -- which was just after 9 p.m. last night here on market and third. a motorcycle driving down market hit one person walking in the crosswalk. and then hit another person on the sidewalk. investigators still don't know what happened to cause the crash. they are testing the motorcyclist for drugs and alcohol. >> we also look at the way the roads are laid out, if there's any possible weather conditions that might have affected it or any other surprise things that might have come up to cause the motorcyclist to crash. >> reporter: now, they are also looking at what role speed may have played. there are some reports the motorcyclist may have been weaving in and out of traffic. police are encouraging more witnesses to come forward.
5:32 am
so one of the pedestrians that is seriously injured, the other one looks like he is going to be okay. we're unsure still this morning about the injuries to the motorcyclist. life in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a wildfire broke out in riverside county last night prompting evacuation of a camping area. it started around 8:30 and was moving toward the lake paris state recreation area. more than 200 firefighters working on it overnight using nearly 2 dozen fire engines and bulldozer. so far no structures have burned and no injuries. two people were treated for heat exhaustion after a vta light rail train broke down in the summer heat about 1:30 p.m. yesterday on the blue line near the blossom hill station in san jose. a bus bridge took the passengers until the light rail service was fully restored just before 8 p.m. last night. virginia ta says a problem with over-- vta says a problem with overhead cables caused the train to break down. a few minutes ago weighed a story about the fan who was hit
5:33 am
by the bat. and you were there at the game yesterday. >> it happened two rows behind me. so we saw the bat coming towards us. i ducked and the woman two rows behind me was hit. miss van dyke is her name and she is a former elementary school nurse and the most awesome thing about her there she was celebrating her grandson's birthday. she wouldn't go to the hospital. they stitched her up in the locker room. nine stitches and she came back and watched the game. >> like a hockey player. >> that's how a's fans roll! [ laughter ] >> good morning, everybody. we have the a's forecast coming up later today. heading out the door we have some light precipitation around the northern portion of the bay area. if you saw those lightning strikes over riverside county, that's the same subtropical moisture that's moved into our bay area. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures right now into the 50s, 60s and 70s. 76 in livermore after a high of 105 yesterday. cooling 15 degrees today muggy. 90s inland. 93 east of the bay the outside number.
5:34 am
there's the north bay numbers. 81 san rafael. the full forecast is at 5:48. check the bay bridge now we are starting to see a backup this morning. no metering lights yet but we are seeing delays as you work your way mostly in the cash lanes. fastrak users are still moving nicely through the bay bridge tolls. slight delays at the incline as well then free-flowing into san francisco. rest of the bay area not bad except for the altamont pass. this is the scene brake lights lots of red. reports of a new problem, slow- and-go altamont pass to 680. 17 miles per hour in some spots. so you want to give yourself some extra time. 20 or 25 minutes extra to work your way through that mess. at the dublin interchange outside of extra volume, traffic is looking good as you work your way westbound. 680 itself no trouble spots. police in san jose say speed was a likely factor in a fatal car accident at mineta international airport. it happened about 10:30 yesterday morning in front of terminal b. investigators say a
5:35 am
woman crashed her red pontiac into an suv that was carrying a family of five. the woman was driving solo in the pontiac and was the only person killed. the people in the suv including a baby were taken to hospitals with injuries not considered life-threatening. 5:35. the federal government is investigating whether major airlines have been engaging in price fixing. the department of justice ordered american, southwest and united to turn over all their communications for the past two years about airline capacity. the feds want to know if the carriers have conspired to limit seating and keep prices high or at the very least whether they are following each other's leads. >> technology today is so pervasive that airlines can watch what their competitors are doing in real time and make decisions almost instantly that change their level of capacity based on what somebody else is doing. >> just four airlines now control more than 80% of the seats for domestic travel after a series of mergers. average fare by the way was up
5:36 am
13% from 2009 to 2014 leading to record profits. tomorrow state regulators are set to vote on a plan to raise electricity rates. it's a plan just unveiled yesterday. kiet do is live in cupertino and this is stirring up controversy. >> reporter: yes. good morning. critics are blasting this new proposed rate increase calling it a straight-up giveaway to the power companies. here's what pros posed. low-income families would see a minute surcharge of $5 a month. not low income $10 a month. high usage companies face an unspecified super user charge. this was put forward by two administrative law judges. the plan was 283 pages long released yesterday for a vote tomorrow. critics said the plan has no incentives for customers are to reduce usage. now, the sierra club said, quote, it's hard to view this move as anything other than yet another gift to the utilities when nobody is watching. and that the puc has shown it
5:37 am
continues to take orders from the utilities at the expense of the public. this vote happens tomorrow. >> is there an alternate plan in the works? >> reporter: yes. so the puc commissioner has his own proposal on how to restructure all the rates. and the sierra club is endorsing that plan. we are live at the customer service center for pg&e in cupertino. i'm kiet do, kpix 5. san francisco police are holding a person of interest after gunfire rang out on a busy pier with deadly results. it happened about 6:30 last night on pier 14 right near the ferry building towards the bay bridge. 31-year-old woman was walking with her family when she was shot once in the upper torso. woman believed to be originally from pleasanton later died at san francisco general hospital. embarcadero remained closed as detectives interviewed at least 20 witnesses on the scene. an hour after the shooting and a mile away on the embarcadero officers detained a possible person of interest. police in fremont have released surveillance video in
5:38 am
an effort to find three men suspected of vandalism that wasted millions of gallons of water. here's footage of the suspects from in may. it's in a restricted area of alameda creek in the city's niles district. investigators say the men damaged an inflatable dam sending an estimated 50 million gallons of water down the creek. the lost water was enough to supply nearly 500 homes for a year. former state senator leland yee of san francisco has pleaded guilty to racketeering. he says, yes, he did accept bribes. yee admitted that to a federal judge yesterday. all part of a plea deal to avoid a trial. and now one unanswered question is, will yee or the other defendants in the corruption scandal turn on another alleged accomplice chinatown mob boss raymond "shrimp boy" chow? >> reporter: are there conditions to the plea agreement? in other words, did he agree to help the government go after -- >> no. >> -- raymond "shrimp boy" chow. >> no, no, no.
5:39 am
no, thank you. no, no, no. the government is not interested in his testimony nor do he have any testimony. in fact, as i lead this case, i haven't got the slightest idea why he is in the same case with mr. "shrimp boy." >> the charge he did plead guilty to could bring a 20 years sentence but he will probably get less time because of no previous record. sentencing is set for october. we are midway through the year making it a great time it revisit personal spending budgets and retirement contributions. jill wagner of reports. >> reporter: as we celebrate independence day, here's an idea. before you shut down for the summer, use the six month mark in the year to refresh some of those new year's financial resolutions that have been gathering dust. have you been able to keep your spending in line with your income? do you need to refresh the budget to account for anything new? maybe you have gotten a raise and need to increase your
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how a jogger's alert lead helped a dramatic rescue coming up. >> and a live look at 880 in oakland. lots of cars hitting the road already but pretty clear on this thur
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5:43 am
for the first time in 10 years great america will have fireworks for the 4th of july. have sunblock today. the uv level is at 12. thank you. breaking news right now. authorities are investigating a reported shooting at a navy compound in washington, d.c. this was the scene just moments ago. hundreds of police right there on scene. it is the same yard where a gunman killed 12 and injured
5:44 am
eight in 2013. in that case the gunman was killed by police. we are told that a press conference is happening right now. so as soon as we hear more information during this newscast we'll bring it to you. 5:44 now. a driver is being treated for minor injuries after she drove down a southern california embankment got trapped in her car. she was pulled out of the steep ravine after being stuck there since monday morning. but yesterday an alert jogger noticed skidmarks on the road. >> looked over the cliffside and i -- that's when i saw the vehicle. and then, um, i yelled hello? is anybody there? and i heard a very weak call for help. >> firefighters used ropes and a basket to hoist the victim 550 feet up a cliff. a crackdown starts in santa cruz for the holiday weekend. sheriff's deputies will be handing out expensive fines for fireworks open containers of
5:45 am
alcohol in public and noise violations. the stricter rules of are in effect from july 3 to july 5 and a minimum fine is more than $530. city of pleasanton is restricting parking for the alameda county fair and locals are not happy about it. fireworks on the 4th of july on saturday will bring in thousands of people from all over. city says now and on the fourth, some neighborhoods are off limits for cars and residents say that's a big problem. for example, if they want to bring a guest for a barbecue, some say there should be a provision for local parking permits. and for a complete list of 4th of july activities around the bay area, you can check out our website, big weekend coming up. >> i'm heading to the sierra. >> oh, nice. >> that's great. >> she has a full dance card. >> a's game. barbecues. >> a lot of folks getting out
5:46 am
of town. >> the traffic patterns haven't been too bad this morning. tomorrow it's going to be "friday light," holiday light for sure. the altamont pass for some reason is busier. westbound 580 altamont pass to 68024 minutes now 18 miles per hour in some spots. we talked to chp. they said no accidents, nothing out of the ordinary. but you know, maybe a few extra folks on the road early to get out of town for the holiday weekend. so we'll keep our eye on that one. once you get past that mess through the altamont pass looks better at the dublin interchange. but it's slow at the connector. eastbound side. dublin interchange no delays. very, very light traffic as you work your way through there. 680 no delays through dublin- pleasanton both directions. your commute along 680 through walnut creek also looks good. north of there on the southbound side we have reports of an accident not blocking lanes at martinez. it may be slow in the area. speaking of slow, bay bridge metering lights are on. backed up not quite to the maze
5:47 am
just yet but approaches seeing slight delays. overall eastshore freeway still cruising carquinez bridge to the maze. past the metering lights there at the bay bridge, traffic is pretty clear into san francisco. you can skip the roads and use mass transit. they are all on time. and a quick look at silicon valley. so far, so good south bay commuters no delays just a little sluggish on the northbound side of 101. roberta? hi-def doppler is cranked up. we have some light precipitation in the overnight hours. even some reports of cloud to cloud lightning and this is where we stand as of now. it's moving very rapidly. it's wraparound moisture lifting from the south and moving to the northwest and what we have going on now we have very light rainfall around the healdsburg area backing off into the pacific ocean leaving us with mostly cloudy skies also a layer of low clouds and some areas of patchy fog. next to the seashore. and a wide variety of temperatures from 58 degrees right now in santa rosa and san
5:48 am
francisco. but it's still 76 in livermore after topping off yesterday at 105 degrees. it was 102 in morgan hill. some pretty mild temperatures out the door this morning. warm inland but not as hot as it has been. it's going to be muggy everywhere today. but seasonal temperatures return by the 4th of july. this is some fun stuff. this is subtropical moisture lifting from the south up to the central valley. then making tracks towards the bay area. that's where we'll keep a chance of a thunderstorm in the inland forecast today. a little bit on the muggy side. you're going to feel the difference. not as hot inland but again temperatures into the 80s by the 4th of july inland. but by the time we set off those fireworks 65 degrees inland, chilly after overnight lows in the 70s. 58 degrees and only partial coastal clearing for the fireworks. now, around the state today, down from 115 to 108 in redding. 75 in mendocino, 73 degrees in monterey bay. sunrise this morning just about
5:49 am
right now. sunset at 8:36. you will feel the difference inland. a bit humid 82 redwood city and in napa. 84 san jose. down from the 2 degrees yesterday. here you have friday seasonal over the weekend then we'll hang on to that weather pattern through wednesday. we have an a's game later on tonight as mariners come to town. that should be 7:05. 67 degrees. >> thank you. facebook has updated its logo. but you might not notice at first. it's still the recognizable all lowers kay white and blue lettering but the 10-year-old logo gets an update with a new typeface with more breathing room. the square logo will stay the same. the fifth installment of the terminator series now on the silver screen. >> i'll be back. >> what? >> he is back, all right. arnold schwarzenegger returns
5:50 am
as the cyborg from the future in "terminator: genesys." he renights with the family to save the future of the human race. amelia clark plays sarah connor. another sequel is planned for 2017. his co-star in the movie when the original came out in 1984, she was not born. [ laughter ] >> so she didn't see it. >> can't wait to see it. >> arnold with a little gray hair. >> still looks good. >> still making money, still bringing it. time now 5:50. a bay area fugitive
5:51 am
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ ♪ good morning, welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." time check 5:53. we're calling on our live hi- def doppler radar. see how that light precipitation near i-5. we're hoping that lifts up and moves into the mountain house area, discovery bay and back through the back door of the tri- valley. but it's kind of dissipating. there's another shot of some rain showers across the north bay of your complete thursday forecast as the news continues. thank you so much, roberta. we have breaking news right now in alameda county. crews are on the scene of a 20- acre wildfire. it's in the sunol region wilderness near geary and
5:54 am
calaveras roads east of fremont. these are aerial shots now overhead of that fire. now, the fire was first reported just after 4:30 this morning. cal fire and the alameda county fire department are both working on this. it's not clear whether lightning sparked this fire and we'll give you updates throughout the morning again a 20-acre fire in sunol. also breaking now we have an update on the navy compound on lockdown in washington, d.c. now, authorities have just said they have not found an active shooter and there are no reports of injuries. they were called out to this navy compound after a report of an active shooter. these are live pictures now. hundreds of police officers still on scene there. this is the same yard where there was a shooting in september of 2013 when a gunman killed 12 people injured 8 people. they were also searching the same building where that shooting took place and again they have not found a gunman. no injuries there. and if there are any more
5:55 am
updates during this newscast we'll let you know. it is 5:54 now. his whereabouts unknown, but a man suspected of burglary in oakley seems to be taunting the police there. investigators say 22-year-old tyler belicci committed the crime in may. june tenth he or someone with access to his facebook account posted a police wanted poster of him with the caption i'm sillily. and other photographs with other taunting messages. >> you're just asking for trouble. >> police say they have some leads in the case and believe belecci is still in oakley. president obama hailing the start of a new chapter in diplomatic relations between the united states and cuba. the president announced both countries will re-open embassies in havana and washington, dc yesterday. now cuba wants the u.s. to lift embargos on travel and trade but some in congress are still opposed saying it legitimizes a
5:56 am
government that has brutally suppressed its own people. secretary of state john kerry will open the u.s. embassy in havana later this summer. an out-of-control motorcyclist driving through the city plows into a group of pedestrians. we'll tell you where the police investigation now stands. >> reporter: a couple of state officials want to raise your power bill by as much as $10 a month. why it's called a giveaway to the power companies.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
yard is under a lockdown and "shelter in place" orders. some live pictures. but they say everyone is accounted for. the same yard was the scene of a mass shooting you may recall back in september of 2013. back then, 12 people were killed, 8 people were injured. in that case the gunman was killed by police. this is at the oldest navy installation in the country. no reports of injuries. we will keep you updated. three people are in the hospital one with life- threatening injuries after a motorcyclist lost control in san francisco and hit pedestrians. kpix 5's anne makovec is at the spot on market street where the crash happened last night. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. this is a very busy area of market street normally even at 9 p.m. which is when this crash happened. this was the scene in the moments after that crash. and several blocks of market street were shut down for the police investigation. it was here at market and 3rd


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